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Trubelly connects mindful people to local and conscious places that align with their values and dietary needs.
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Trubelly is an inclusive community of mindful eaters who want to know more about the food they eat and the places they support.

We celebrate sustainability
We celebrate transparency
We celebrate real food

Impactful Reviews

Tired of sifting through blasé reviews? So are we. Our review system is curated to pull out the most impactful feedback, recommendations, and tips.

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Celebrating Values

We vet and research every place that hits our app, so we can bring you the most impactful information at your fingertips.

Our badges are meant to celebrate the progressive actions each place takes to bring you thoughtful, quality food.

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Our Mission

Trubelly celebrates mindful places paving the way for a healthier human + planet.

From thoughtful sourcing, sustainable practices, ingredient quality, and overall transparency, we curate places leading the local food scene.
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Sourcing from local farms
Local Farms
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Regenerative Agriculture
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